Folding a Paper Crane for the Tsuru for Solidarity Project


Making Cranes

There are no strict rules about the size of the paper used to make paper cranes. Please use paper you have or want to use.



Stringing Cranes

If you make multiple cranes, please be so kind as to string the cranes – using thick, strong thread with no spaces between each crane of a length no more than 4 feet– before mailing them. If you can make a string of cranes in increments of 50 or 100, that would be optimal, but any number of cranes will be very deeply appreciated. If your community makes a large number, please make a note of the total.

See this video on how to string cranes properly (without spaces):

Another request is to leave a loop at the top of the string so a paper clip or safety pin can be placed there to more easily hang them on ropes at the protests. As another option, it can be nice for stringers to add a note on tape folded at the top with a name, a wish, a place, a camp and or age of folder, etc. This personalization is optional of course.


Mailing Cranes

For easier and safer shipping of cranes, we recommend that you mail them with the wings folded flat into the envelope. Please send your cranes to:

Duncan Ryuken Williams
c/o Ito Center
825 Bloom Walk, ACB 130D
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1481