First, my gratitude.

With your support, American Sutra had a tremendously successful launch, and I am just so grateful to all of you who took the time to come to the talks, purchase books, share your stories with me and your social media network, and to introduce the book to friends.

As a way of showing my thanks to everyone who has been a part of the pre-launch and launch week efforts as Team American Sutra, I have offered limited edition prints of the “The Buddha Emerges from Behind Barbed Wire” ink drawing by Shumyo Kojima (Zenshuji Soto Zen Mission) or the Japanese American Confinement Sites pilgrimage books. These are being mailed next week, so Team members, if you didn’t pick up your gift at one of the book events, look for it coming to you in the mail.

As the book launch enters a next phase, I'm hoping to capture the enthusiasm from our public events, and to keep the conversation about the themes and stories in American Sutra in motion by focusing on the readers. So, if you've read the book and have an opinion, I'd love it if you would share your comments and reflections on either Amazon or Goodreads (or both!)

If you have any questions or comments regarding American Sutra or this newsletter, please email me.

Kindest regards,


Mari Yoshihara kindly shared this photo that she took on Sunday, March 4th, while on a layover at San Francisco International Airport. With the tremendous support of so many of you, American Sutra was on the Books, Inc. Bestseller shelf at #5.


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