On this Day of Remembrance, a day to reflect on the history of the WWII forced removal of Japanese Americans, 77 years after Executive Order 9066 was signed, we recall that dark time when the U.S. government deemed Americans of Japanese descent the enemy.

In honor of Day of Remembrance, I’d like to share a few conversations with various online journalists that have been released just in time for the book’s launch, with the hope that these resources can be of some use to you while reflecting on threats to American democracy today. I invite you to listen and share these podcasts about American Sutra with others.

First, I joined Greg Soden of The Classical Ideas Podcast. Soden notes that the goal of The Classical Ideas Podcast "is to empower students with the core knowledge of major world religions to improve citizenship and agency in a diverse society." I'm honored to take part in this work. I invite you to tune in to Episode 95:

Earlier this month, I also joined Tricycle: The Buddhist Review's Editor & Publisher James Shaheen to discuss how Japanese Americans stood up for religious freedom, how this part of our shared history has shaped American Buddhism today, and how a disturbing legacy of persecution has taken on new relevance.

And finally, I recently spoke with Alex Carroll of New Books Networks New Books in Buddhist Studies Podcast, which has been released to coincide with Day of Remembrance.

As of today, I’m also on the East Coast, presenting numerous book events over the next few days. Again, I’d love to see you if you can attend one of my lectures or conversations. The book is officially out and so I encourage you to purchase a copy sometime this week! As always, thank you.

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